Law Students: Avoid Saying “If Only I Had One More Day!”

Time management is extremely important in law school.  Law school (and the practice of law) can be very demanding of your time.  So it is extremely important that you learn to effectively manage your time. There are a million books, DVDs, courses, etc. on time management.  There are just as many ways to accomplish effectively managing your time.  The time management techniques that work best for me may not work at all for you.  So do a bit of research and a little digging into your study habit history.  Find what works best for you. 

Some of the most successful law students seemed to get adequate sleep and have the best time in law school.  It’s because they are able to better manage their time and enjoy more than the four walls of the library.  For some, taking breaks during the day allows them to stay focused and awake during periods of studying.  Others find that a five minute break quickly becomes a three hour break.  That quick conversation ended up being a seemingly never ending time sink.

Here are a few time management suggestions:

1)      Treat Law School Like a Job: Wake up and begin your study at the same time each day even if you do not have an early class that day.  At the end of the “work” day put up your books and relax.  Of course there will be exceptions here and there where you have to stay up late to finish something, but for the most part, stick with the routine.  If that works for you, you should do it!  It is definitely an effective option for time management.

2)      Create a Task List: The one thing most successful time management plans or systems include is a task list.  Regardless of what works best for you as far as how you organize your day, you must keep a task list.  Prioritize what needs to get done and include deadlines.  That way, you’ll be able to plan ahead for things that can’t be moved or that are going to require big chunks of time. 

3)      Invest in Time Management Skills: If you happen to be clueless when it comes to what time management techniques are available to you, find a website or purchase a book, DVD or online course to help you with your time management skills. 

The three tips above only scratch the surface of what you can do to improve your time management.  Just keep in mind that investing in your time management skills is just that, an investment!  The benefits of effective time management will repay you hundred-fold over the course of your life.


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